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The Best Present I Got This Year

No, it wasn’t peace, love or understanding, but Sirius Satellite Radio . The holidays mean long drives for me so it couldn’t have come at a better time. Driving from the city out to the rural farming area where my grandmother lives there is a noticeable lack of decent radio options for several hours. I don’t mind catching up with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM if it’s late at night, but otherwise I’m stuck with my CD collection (mostly scratched from being in the car too long as it is) or hooking up my MP3 player (which is either not charged or full of work-out songs that aren’t as much fun to listen to you when you’re not sweatin’ at the gym).

So I filled out the on-line registration, headed down to my car to set up the antenna & tune the little box that was the Best Present I Got This Year & then back inside to make sure it all worked. Not difficult (especially if you had a 2nd person with a cell phone), but not something I can imagine my mom figuring out on her own.

Fortunately, the install was the most difficult thing about the service. I’m thrilled with all the stations & have been literally LOLing while listening to the Raw Dog 105 comedy station. I’ve found myself sitting in the car for a few extra minutes while I’m home just because I want to keep listening.

Fortunately, they have a solution for that too! I will probably eventually get the boombox thingie that you plug your car box into (I know… highly technical terms here), but for now I can just log in from my computer & listen while I’m working. Beautiful!

If you don’t want to invest in a box (OK, receiver) right away, doing a 1 month subscription to Sirius Internet Radio via their internet only system is a good way to go. With 100+ channels, you’ll probably find something you’re into, but if not, cancel the service & you’re done. No receiver to return or antennas to unstick. Easy!

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  1. Emma says:

    Hey Webmaster Chick, I’ve had Sirius for about 5 years now and I don’t think I could drive without it.

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